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We know that Jeremy cannot be cured, his disease is progressing. But he can be helped to remain independent and active as long as possible.


History Jeremy learned about his illness in childhood, during his school years. Somehow his gait gradually deteriorated; in the dark, Jeremy practically could not walk down the street.

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Your health is our priority.

Diagnostics, examinations, analyzes and diagnosis - Friedreich's ataxia. The disease is genetic, hereditary, incurable, and even not always accurately predictable. A genetic mutation that insidiously affects the central nervous system, depriving a person of coordination, deforming the feet and causing diabetes and heart failure.

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Dr. Michman Dekaure


Medical reference books say that a patient diagnosed with Friedreich's ataxia rarely lives to 40 years of age. Jeremy Petrov is now 51 years old. He is a disabled person of the first group, but he tries to serve himself on his own so as not to be dependent. He was given a disability in 1996, but until 2006 Jeremy drove a car himself (he did not allow a single accident!), And now he is forced to drive a wheelchair.

Dr. Anasteisha Doria Blum


As the disease progresses, Jeremy had to change to an electric wheelchair, and in the summer - to a scooter, thanks to which he can ride down the street.

Dr. Smoliy


One problem is that the batteries and strollers fail earlier than the stroller itself, and the cost of replacement batteries is too high. Jeremy's pension is 12,500 rubles with all allowances. After buying the necessary drugs and products, each time a problem arises - how to survive until the next pension.

Dr. Mazikin Khloa Deker


We ask you to help Jeremy buy batteries for an electric wheelchair. We know that Jeremy cannot be cured, his disease is progressing. But you can help him stay independent and active as long as possible.

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